Who designs the Email Recommendations?

You do. If you are using VCE, you can include great-looking recommendations as part of the email creation process. If you prefer to use your own HTML code, you can use the Email Widget Designer to integrate the recommendations in your email.

Email vs. Web Personal recommendations? Will both show the same products? And if not, why not?

By default they are using mostly the same signals/models, but on a different schedule. On the website these recommendations are displayed in real time, meaning that they change as the session progresses and each new page is loaded. In contrast, email recommendations are calculated nightly, so that the email content is stable and does not change while the recipient is reading it.

How can I recommend only items that are in stock?

This is a built-in feature of Predict: stock availability is controlled through the catalog. Items that are temporarily out of stock or no longer offered should still be included in the catalog, but the field Available should be marked as FALSE. These products will not be displayed in the recommender widget, but will be included in the analysis.

Is Predict SEO-friendly. Or, more precisely, are the recommender widgets displayed on the my website SEO-friendly?

Yes. The links served up in the Predict widgets are the links that the you have provided in the catalog, i.e. they are your own links. Concerning search engines, Google have been executing Javascript and crawling our links since at least 2011.

Is visitor data safe with Predict?

Yes. Predict only collects behavior data using anonymized customer IDs, and it and anonymizes visitor cookies. No personally identifiable information is managed or handled within Predict.

My product image does not display within the Email Widget Designer – is there a limitation on the size of the image?

Yes. There is a limit of 1 MB for product images in the Email Widget Designer; larger images will not be displayed. In addition to this, image dimensions should not exceed 1280 x 1280 px or the image will not be displayed.

The Live Event View shows all images the same way as a browser does, so please make sure the images look good in the Email Widget Designer, too. The Email Widget Designer shows the actual email recommender image, exactly as it will render in an email.

Are multiple Predict accounts with one Emarsys account possible?

No. In a single Emarsys account we can only put one Predict dashboard and can only connect the CMS to one Predict account. With Website Recommender there is less of an issue with multiple predict accounts, obviously.

Will the Predict scripts slow my website?

All the JavaScript snippets are asynchronous. No element of the Predict infrastructure can slow your website or affect user experience in any negative way, even in the case that the Predict service is completely unreachable for the visitor (e.g. due to network issues). The worst case scenario is that Predict widgets will not be displayed, without affecting the rest of the page.

I have an international website. Visitors from different countries buy different products. What should be done in order to be sure I recommend the right products to each audience?

Nothing! If there really are such regional tendencies, since all visitors are interacting with the same recommender engine, the engine will learn from this and reflect these differences automatically. And because individual customers get the PERSONAL recommender widget, which uses personal browsing history, this whole issue is not relevant for the personal email and website recommendations.In other words, this is precisely how Predict is designed to work and there is no need to customize the engine or the data-collection in this matter. All localization options in Predict are related to managing languages, and differences in stock/availability.

What is Predict web recommendations response time?

This depends on what you mean by ‘response time’. Our server-side latency for answering a web recommendation request is below 1 millisecond at the 99th percentile. The client-side response time will be determined by network latency – as our servers are located in Ireland, this works out to be around 10-40 milliseconds for most of Europe.

The actual user experience will be determined by all the other elements in your website (i.e. when they start calling the recommender and how long it takes to load the product images from your server). An additional note is that our Javascript API is fully asynchronous, which means it will in no way hold up the loading of your website, even if there is some network connectivity problem between the visitor and our servers.

What is the level of Predict uptime?

Our uptime on the current AWS infrastructure averages 99.998% over the year (12 minutes downtime in total).

What degree of language support do you offer?

Recommender widgets display information from the product catalog – whatever is passed on from your database is displayed in the widget. Therefore there are no language issues here. Even if your online business is international, and offered to users in different countries and under different domains (e.g. international mystore.com site, and localized mystore.co.uk), this is not a problem.

Multi-domain integration uses a single, aggregated product catalog that contains all the localized variants of the catalog data for each item ID. Localized data (product names, prices, etc.) need to be added to your main store catalog export. The Emarsys Predict Dashboard and supporting documentation are currently only available in English but will be translated into all Emarsys languages soon.

How and when do you judge a cart to be abandoned?

When a visitor browses a site we track their activity and check the contents of their shopping cart. This activity is stored in the web behavior fields.

A cart is considered abandoned 30 minutes after the visitor has left the website (no browsing interactions for 30 minutes), having left products in the cart and without making a purchase. If one of the cart items was purchased, the remaining items are not considered to be abandoned.

The relevant web behavior fields (predict last abandoned date, etc.) are updated every 3-4 hours. 

Emarsys offers two out-of-the box solutions to cart abandonment:

When and how does Web Extend update the web behavior fields?

All the web behavior fields are updated in cycles that run every 3-4 hours.